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No configuration to do, this is a turn-key solution


Our device is small, light and elegant to wear for your child


Web application available for PCs, Android and IOS


Easy to recharge battery with its included USB cable


Smart 3G GPS watch from Childtrac is an organic and multifunctional device. You get - a tracking system, an alert system, the ability to monitor the route and the deviations from it, as well as the SOS button. It is only necessary to press the SOS button, as parents, relatives or caregivers will receive notifications about the lapse! Sometimes, seconds matter!

Entrust caring for your loved ones to Childtrac!


  • SOS button

    If your child is in trouble, he can instantly press the SOS button and it will automatically create a call and communicate directly to the designed person.

  • 2 Way calling and speaking

    You child can speak to you live at any time and you can call him directly on his weWatch Kids from your mobile or home phone. Sometimes, seconds matter!

  • Risk-Free Trial

    Our 30-day money back policy gives you time to make sure that our solution meets your needs.

  • Call the tracker from PC

    Call your child any time right from your personal Childtrac portal from your PC from anywhere.

  • Virtual Boundaries / Geofence

    Create multiple virtual boundaries around school or house, to know when exactly when your child enters or leaves a specific area.

  • Multiple trackers on one map

    Our Childtrac portal can view multiple GPS trackers on the same map, great for group outings or school special access supervision.

  • Wide Cellular Coverage

    Our 3G GPS tracking devices work national wide through out Canada and the US

  • History

    You can get up to 30 days of location and alert history reporting and you can export it to excel or CSV.

  • Constant live monitoring

    Your tracking device reports its location to the portal regularly for constant monitoring of events giving you peace of mind.

  • Fully responsive

    Web application licence available for PC, Android and IOS mobile or tablet for receiving alerts, viewing and managing your tracker.

  • Multiple users

    You can create multiple trusted users access of the portal to let other caregivers view your child’s location and alerts.

  • No long term contracts

    Our terms are month to month basis, you can suspend or cancel at any time.

Risk-Free Trial

Our 30-day money back policy gives you time to make sure that our solution meets your needs.
Try Childtrac Risk-Free.*

*You will need to pay for the shipping cost and return all items including the original packaging complete with all components and owner's manual and show no signs of wear or abuse. Otherwise, the return will either be refused or subject to a 15% restocking fee.
Refunds are made for product value only, excluding shipping, first subscription and handling charges.

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Our solution has been created by a parent just like you, over 7 years ago, when the creator lost his child in a mall. We have designed this solution to help parents with the caring and supervision of their children. We are constantly developing and finding the best product at a reasonable price so that everyone can have access to these tools.





Montreal, QC

Our eldest son just started kindergarten and everyone including us, his parents, was a little apprehensive at first. The ChildTrac made the transition so much easier because we each know the other can be reached with a simple press of a button. He loves carrying it around in his school bag and testing the calling feature with us every so often so he remembers how.
As an electrical engineering graduate student, I am also impressed by the elegance of the design. Commands, updates and alerts between the ChildTrac and our smartphones are all sent via SMS text using the app. Many thanks!

It is a simple approach that works beautifully.


Edmonton, AB

Just wanted to say, today was the day I was so thankful that I had purchased a Childtrac!!! My special needs daughter followed some friends home from school - instead of coming straight home. I was able to see that she was not on her way home, but in fact over a KM from home!! In an area of our community she's never been or is allowed to go to.
I can't imagine what I would have done, had I not had her location on my phone!
Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product.

It was worth its weight in gold x10 today!


Hamilton, ON

I am extremely satisfied with Childtrac. My son thinks its super cool as well, he's 10 but he made me promise that I would not listen in on him using the Live Monitoring feature, (spying) as he calls it and I obliged. I said only if there was an emergency that I would "spy" on him..!
Also when my son is not using it then I get to put it in my Camera bag to protect my camera gear while I'm out shooting a gig, that way if I have to put the bag down for whatever reason i.e at a wedding I would place the bag in the corner of the hall or whatever so now I don't have to stress knowing if the bag gets stolen then I can track it.. Brilliant..

Now everything I love is protected by your product and that means a lot to me...


Ottawa, ON

When our son started preschool, we were able to listen in to ensure that he wasn't crying and that things were going well. It has also been such a reassurance knowing that our son can call us whenever he needs us. It made the transition to school easier for both our son and for his dad and me.
Our daughter is six years old and goes to play dates on her own at her friends' houses. What a great alternative to giving her a cell phone! There are two choices on the device of who she can call in an emergency - her dad or me - and we can always listen in, or call, to check in with our daughter. And as she gains independence we'll be able to track where she goes on her bicycle or on walks with her friends.

What a reassurance! Our family loves ChildTrac!


Ottawa, ON

CHILDTRAC is a great invention, and I have already recommended it to a number of friends. My 8 year old son feels more confident and relaxed knowing he can contact us if he needs to - and so do we.
It works really well, the customer service was impressive and the device arrived within 1 day.

We are very impressed!

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