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Founded in Ottawa in 2008 by Marc Regimbal, as a result of his own child lost, this IT engineer, decide to create this solution for all the need of children security everywhere.  The founder and his wife began their research into ways to better protect their children, and found that most solutions were largely common behavioural suggestions about keeping children close-by, remaining aware of their whereabouts and activities, and establishing safety rules and behaviours for kids to follow.

Like most good parents, they had already developed behavioural strategies to help protect their children. As pragmatists, however, they were aware that these strategies had inherent blind spots because young children are easily distracted and simply can’t be expected to remain aware of, or even fully understand, today’s risks and hazards. Moreover, many of these strategies break down in situations where parents and children are apart.

In an age where hand-held and automobile GPS systems were common, they looked for a solution that would involve a device that could monitor the movements and track the location of his children while providing standard and emergency communications and the ability to alert him in the event of dangerous or unexpected situations. There was simply nothing on the market at that time that provided a comprehensive solution and those that provided even partial solutions were so expensive that they were out-of-reach for many parents! A solution had to be created to actually responded to parents’ concerns and offered a REAL solution to child safety issues.

After three years and untold hours of research, design, development, testing (with actual parents and children in real-life situations), re-design, re-development, and re-testing – a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that employs cutting-edge GPS satellite and cell phone technology, the CHILDTRAC Solution, was born! The first GPS tracker solution for children was created. Childtrac received many awards in the technology networks.  such as Techlinks 2012 and Emporium Start up: see links:  Top 5 Finalists ChildTrac Techlinks,    Emporium start up

Today the entire CHILDTRAC team are proud to offer the world’s most diversified, complete, most affordable, and easiest to use personal Monitoring / Tracking Solution. Childtrac is committed to ongoing research, testing of products and development in their effort to provide parents, caregivers, children, and other vulnerable loved ones with quality & secured products and easy monitoring system for Freedom, Security, and Peace of Mind.