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Childtrac, our story

Marc Regimbal & Lisa, Admin team in the field.

Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2008 by Marc Regimbal, an IT Engineer and a father of 4 boys.  As a result of one of his boys getting lost, the worst moment of his life, he searched for a solution that would help him to quickly locate and find his boys, but at that time, there was not much available out there. 

Since he was a developer as a profession, he decided to take on the challenge and try creating a solution that would help other parents like him. He wanted a tool that parents can use to provide help in locating and communicate with their children in the case of an emergency. 

In an age where mobile phones and GPS systems were common, he looked for a solution that would involve a device that could monitor the movements and track the location of his children while providing two-way voice communication. 

After three years and untold hours of research, design, development, testing (with actual parents and children in real-life situations), re-design, re-development … An easy-to-use, and affordable solution was created. Childtrac was born.

Today in 2018, Childtrac is still helping parents, from coast to coast, from Canada to the United States to provide them an easy solution, with certified and quality products.


We constantly hear about parents’ experiences from everywhere, we receive demands from all over the word. Wherever we live, our children are our most important person in our lives. 

In the new year, our 2019 mission, is that Childtrac provides our solution around the Globe to parents just like us!  Even though we provide solutions nationwide, we are still a very small team that is dedicated and focused on service for our customers, so they can only focus on being safe with their loved ones. 

We constantly search for the latest technology products and keep developing exclusively designed accessories to fulfil the requirement for today parents’ challenges. Such as below;


- Children walking to school alone

- Children with special needs, 

- For summer camps or school outings

- For special needs adults

- For Seniors. 

Lisa, CTO



On photo above, Marc and Lisa, Orleans, Ottawa 2017 summer event.

Childtrac at the beginning

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