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Types of accessories for GPS trackers

Any smart GPS tracker is, first of all, sensitive electronics. Manufacturers expect its operation under standard conditions - with a dry microclimate and no snow, or rain. But the child is active by nature. On playgrounds, he may play in the sandbox; when playing near the pond - get into the water; and in the first autumn rain - he may enjoy himself exploring the puddles. That is why it is important to keep the smart GPS watch protected from moisture, dirt, dust. Neoprene pouch can cope with this task. It does not guarantee protection from mechanical breakdowns, but it will reliably protect the kids smart GPS. You can also use special suspension loops, to fix device on a bunch of keys, on a backpack / bag, or on a trouser belt.

The main advantage of the neoprene pouch is its capability to protect GPS trackers for kids, produced in the form of wristwatches or standard trackers, from dust and abrasion. Neoprene cases are considered to be durable and very practical.

For boys and girls of younger preschool age, you can buy silicone products. Into these cases, compact rectangular GPS tracking systems are placed. They look funny; decorated with ears, eyes, and muzzles. Securkit is a specialized pouch for GPS tracker, created for children with autism. With the Secure Kit, your kid with special needs will feel calm and confident, both during walks and at school time. And you will know exactly where he is, and you will be able to come to his rescue at any time.

In this case, the bracelet must be removed from the watch, and the device should be placed into a case attached to the clothes by pins. The case from the Secure Kit can be securely fastened to the pants, backpack, or belt with reliable pins. It is not possible to remove the pins without a special detacher. The detacher is a magnet that can unfasten the pins and remove the case from the child's clothes. Thus, the 3g GPS tracker will not be lost, it will not spontaneously detach itself, and it will not be stolen. And any involuntary movements of the baby will not cause the loss of the GPS tracker.

Childtrac specialists recommend clients to protect their devices. Even the simplest neoprene case is able to protect the device from scratches and dust, especially if your children often play in the yard. By the way, in such pouch you can even wear the pocket money. The pouches can easily replace a purse or a wallet. The GPS trackers can be kept at home in the pouches. By the way, such beautiful textured sleeve pouches are often equipped with decorations or stripes which make them unique accessories. Therefore, they look good and with school backpacks and bags. They can be "hidden" in the pocket of a jacket or children's jacket.

Accessories for GPS-trackers and their functions

So, why buying a GPS tracker for kids, it is worth taking immediate steps to purchase a small neoprene pouch case to it?

  • It performs the protective function Security and protects the electronics from breakdowns.
  • Wrist pouch is a stylish addition to the modern device.
  • It significantly extends the life of this equipment.
  • It helps to ensure that the device is not lost or left somewhere outside home.

Thanks to kids smart GPS and properly selected accessories, you can take care of your child. No more worrying where and with who your kid is, how safe his environment is, and whether the path to school is stable. With bracelets, cases and neoprene wrist pouches, GPS-trackers will give you 100% satisfaction!

Accessories for WeWatch Kids™ 3G GPS trackers