Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

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Motion Sensor - Use this wide-angle, wireless, wall-mounted sensor to detect and alert you to movement in your home.

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Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor - use this wide-angle, wireless, wall-mounted sensor to detect and alert you to movement in your home. The Tabs app pairs with the Motion Sensor to inform you about any movement, when a family member arrives home or if an intruder gains entry while you’re away.

Be aware, even when you're away

Sense motion around multiple entries at once with our wide-angle, wall-mounted sensor. Set up custom alerts to give you better visibility into what happens when you're away or asleep.

Why Childtrac Tabs?

  • No Monthly Fee

    Unlike most solutions, the extra expense of a cellular plan for coverage is not required.

  • Long-Lasting Power

    Tabs rechargeable devices can last up to a week or more between charges. And devices with replaceable batteries can last years.

  • Parental Controls

    Protect your children from inappropriate web content and control their time online.

  • Monitor

    Ensure healthy air quality and track changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Discover the app

    Manage all of your devices, create custom alerts, and more with our simple app.

  • Tabs Coverage

    The Tabs Hub provides up to a mile or more of coverage around your neighbourhood. Add a Mini Hub to extend your network anywhere with power and Wi-Fi access.

  • Build your Tabs system

    Mix and match devices to create a custom system or purchase a Tabs kit and add devices as needed.

  • Powered by Lora

    Tabs uses the LoRa network, giving you longer range than Bluetooth, lower cost than cell networks, and longer battery life than both.

  • Secure

    Our fully encrypted network ensures that all of your information remains private.

Motion Sensor Spec

Childtrac Tabs Technology

Tabs is the first solution widely available to consumers based on LoRaWAN™ technology. This has a number of advantages compared to the other technologies currently being utilized. A single Tabs Hub easily covers an entire neighbourhood ensuring that there are no connectivity challenges and permits applications outside of the home. Each Tabs Hub becomes part of the same seamless Tabs network. The more Tabs Hubs deployed in the area, the better the network coverage which benefits all Tabs users, extending smart home technology into smart neighbourhood innovation.

Childtrac Tabs devices

Childtrac Tabs provides families peace of mind by combining all things related to home and family into a single, easy-to-use solution. Tabs devices are easily managed by a single mobile app for all-in-one family safety and security.

Childtrac Tabs are now available for ordering on the website starting at $34,95 including a lifetime free subscription valued between $180-$240 per year compared to most home and security solutions.

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