Smart 3G GPS tracker Blue

Smart 3G GPS tracker Blue

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Childtrac GPS Watch™ - with a soft FDA silicone bracelet is a great tool made with love and care, locate and communicate with your child at any time. Wherever you are, you will be in touch with the child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be able to do your own business, knowing exactly where your child is, what exactly he is doing. In case of trouble - you will receive a call, mobile notification or a message by e-mail! Keep an eye on your child with the WeWatch™!

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Have you ever wondered when you really feel the peace of mind?

The real peace of mind comes only when you know that people you love are in comfort and safety.

Imagine an absolutely real story which was the impetus for creating a personal compact GPS tracker - weWatch™: in 2011, the father of four children and the future founder of Childtrac, lost his child in the supermarket. The child was soon found, but these 20 minutes for him became the longest and most terrible experience in life. Since then, much has changed - politics, economics, society. But children are still getting lost every day. And once in such a situation, you will no longer think about work or money. In your head, there will be only one question - Where is my child?!

The responsibility for all such tragedies lies with us - the parents. But what if this can be avoided ?! What if there was a simple and convenient solution?! This solution is WeWatch™ Kids, smart watch with 3G GPS tracker. For more than 6 years, developers and engineers from Childtrac have been working daily on the safety of children and the seniors all over the world: the two social groups that require the most attention and care.

Why WeWatch™ Kids GPS tracker?

WeWatch™ is a compact tool for solving serious problems:
  • Kid with special needs is worried when you are not around;
  • Kid with special needs for a number of reasons cannot use a regular mobile phone;
  • Kids with special needs need you, but sometimes they cannot call you!
  • The child has gone to school, but you do not know the route;
  • The child lingers from school or walk and does not pick up the phone;
  • The child's mobile phone is exhausted;
  • The child does not have a mobile phone, but you want to keep in touch with him;
  • The child has fallen into a bad company and you want to know what's going on;
  • The child is skipping school or college and you want to understand what he is doing;
  • The child is in trouble and needs help;
  • You are at work all day and cannot control the movement of the child.

Smart watch with GPS tracker can solve these problems! WeWatch™ is a multifunctional all-in-one device. And wherever you are, you will be in touch with the child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be able to do your own business, knowing exactly where your child is, you will know exactly if he will be going home on another route. And also, in case of trouble - you will receive a call, SMS notification, and a message to e-mail! Keep an eye on your child with the WeWatch™!

Childtrac is a great tool made with love and care, to supervise discreetly, locate and communicate with your child at any time and provide you a peace of mind.

 Attention: The wear of the watch with bracelet is not recommended for children under 3 years of age as it can be big for the wrist of the child. For children under 3 years  old we recommend using the small p-waist pouch that can be attached to clothing or other.

The weWatch™ Kids capabilities
SOS button: If your child is in trouble or needs help, he can instantly press the SOS button and it will automatically create a call and communicate directly to you. Up to 5 SOS numbers can be called in cascade.
2 Way calling and speaking: Your child can speak to you live at any time and you can call him directly on his weWatch™ Kids from your mobile or home phone.
Call the tracker from PC: Call your child any time right from your personal Childtrac portal from your PC from anywhere.
Virtual Boundaries: Create multiple virtual boundaries around school or house, to know when exactly when your child enters or leaves a specific area.
Wide Cellular Coverage: Our weWatch™ Kids works national wide throughout Canada or the US.
Multiple trackers: Our Childtrac portal can view multiple weWatch™ Kids on the same map, great for group outings or school special access supervision
Multiple users: You can create multiple trusted users access to the portal to let other caregivers view your child’s location and alerts.
Constant live monitoring: Your weWatch Kids™ reports its location to the portal regularly for constant monitoring of events giving you peace of mind.
History: You can get up to 30 days of location and alert history reporting and you can export it to excel or CSV.
No long-term contracts: Our terms are month to month basis, you can suspend or cancel at any time.
Specifications of the WeWatch™ Kids 3G GPS tracker
Product name: WeWatch Kids™ - smart 3G GPS tracker
Product type: Personal communication & GPS Tracker
Battery capacity: 550 mAh
Standby time: 1-2 days
Device size: 53 x 41 x 15 mm
Weight: 40 gr
Bracelet: Soft FDA Silicone
Location mode: GPS satellite positioning, AGPS auxiliary positioning, WIFI positioning, LBS base station positioning
Positioning accuracy: GPS location 5 - 20 m accuracy; WIFI location 20 - 100 m accuracy; LBS Base station location: 100 -1000 m accuracy.
Supported system: Android, IOS, PC

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