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YOUR QUESTIONS, your answers

Does this work in Canada?

Yes of course, we started in Canada (Canadian Company) but we also have office in USA, currently we service North America. 

I live in Costa Rica, will this work here?

We are currently working on a providing our solution in South America and other places as well, so stay tuned or sign up to our mailing list to be the first to get the news!

What currency is the website?

The currency on the Childtrac website is in USD dollars, since we service many countries, this is easier to manage and keep pricing stable. If you are from Canada, it is only the initial purchase on the website that is in USD, then the monthly plan will be charged in CAD $ with appropriate taxes. 

What do we need to do when we receive the new GPS watch?

Not much! We fully configure the Kids Smart GPS watch or the G-401 devices for you, based on your needs, such as SOS numbers, safe zone and notifications. When you receive your new device, the only you need to do is turn it ON your Kids Smart GPS watch and put it near a window 15 minutes to capture its current location from the satellite.

Do I have to pay any set up fees?

No there is no set up fees or change fees. We offer a turn-key solution. The Smart watch comes all pre-configured for you so when you receive it, it is ready to go. 

Is it a separate 3G coverage? Does it share any data from my cell phone provider?

The Childtrac Kids Smart GPS Watch is a standalone solution, it has its own sim card and phone number, it is provisioned by us, based on the chosen plan, it is not sharing any data with your phone. 

Will the Childtrac solution work with any cell phone carrier?

NO, The Childtrac Kids Smart GPS watch solution uses the latest technology and uses our IoT communication protocols with certified and accredited carriers. 

Where can I use my Childtrac Personal GPS tracker?

The Childtrac GPS tracking devices works anywhere where there is a cellular network and  GPS satellites connection. 

Will it work effectively in a rural location? 

It all depends on the location, we always verify your location when we receive your order, and if there are cellular towers that is covered by our carriers, then it works. If not, we may recommend another GPS tracking device solution that best fit your location.

Will the call feature work inside buildings?

Yes, the Kids Smart GPS watch call feature works inside and outside where there is a cellular network.  

Will the device locate inside a building?

NO GPS Satellite signals do not enter inside building. It can only capture lat long coordinates when the Kids Smart GPS watch device is outside. It will provide the last know detected location, based on its frequency reporting, before entering a building. Technology is just not  available yet!

Is the Childtrac 3G GPS smart watch waterproof?

The current watch models are water resistant or splash proof but not waterproof rating, we have other products that are waterproof.  Such as the G-401, IP67 ratings.

How accurate is the 3G GPS smart watch?

The Satellite precision is based on the product GPS antenna. Most types of GPS devices have an approximate 5-20 meters precision, and it depends on location environment, weather conditions and cellular connection strength. When not satellite can be detected it can detect via LBS (cell tower triangulation) this is less precise about 100 meters.

Sometimes I get a location report that is way off course and then comes back normal why is this?

This is a popular question! This is called Drifting. Since the GPS antenna inside the Childtrac Kids Smart GPS watch is always trying to capture satellite information, it sometimes gets a wrong or invalid data and this will trigger a false location on map.  But with constant monitoring by the GPS device, a few minutes later will correct this data and display the more accurate location.

Explanation of Drifting: 

The GPS signal comes from a network of satellites in orbit. All those satellites do is broadcast the time. Your unit then calculates your location based upon the difference between it's time and the signaled times. Satellites at a low relative altitude to your position, buildings between you and the satellites, the number of satellites overhead, and even heavy cloud cover can affect the outcome of the calculation. 

More questions about the Childtrac Kids Smart GPS watch, the G-401 GPS tracking device or accessories, let us know, via chat or email at support@childtrac.com

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