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LIVE tracking ? What does it mean?

Live tracking does not mean live instantly location, (This technology is only available to Military and are extremely expensive and it not available for consumer market. So what is live tracking? = Live tracking means that the device has been programmed to send its data to the server automatically on a preset time reporting frequency like,,every 3 min, 10 min as oppose as Track on demand, which you have to send a command to the device each time to receive the response back with its location information. 

Does this work in the USA?

Yes of course, our devices are mainly for the North American market and provide US cellular network communication

I will be travelling outside of USA in Europe, will this work here?

We do have global communication sim card plans, but some features may be limited. 


There are different cellular network bands in different countries, and the devices are made for certain bands, not like cell phones which have quad band.  Right now we only have north American watch in stock, but we do have other tracker products for world travel.

Can we use the same sim card if we travel outside the USA?

No, we can not use same sim card. Our US SIM card network is on T-Mobile and the international network are on a  Global sim.  Depending on the countries you are visiting, there are limitations;  as such has voice limitations and some countries only  have 2G and some limited cell network. 

Contact us with the details and we will be able to see if we have a solution for you. 

What currency is the website?

The Childtrac.com is our USA web site and is in USD dollars. If you are from Canada, you can visit our New Canadian web site at childtrac.ca  

What do we need to do when we receive the new GPS watch?

For the Smart watch, the setting is very easy to do and we provide step by step instruction, as well as provide chat service or contact us directly during 9 - 5 Eastern time.  For the G-401 and Vehicle devices, we configure the basic setting  based on your needs. When you receive your new device, you device is ready to go.

Do I have to pay any set up fees?

No there is no set up fees or change fees. We offer a turn-key solution. 

Do I need to pay for the monthly subscription if I do not use the device?

Whether you use your device or not you will be charged for the subscription on a monthly basis, the subscription is based on Active or not active status not on usage basis. If you do not send us an advance notice of suspension or cancellation, prior the payment date, payments will continue to be taken as the service is still active. (if you don't use your cellphone for a month, will you still be charged by your mobile company? yes) it is the same for our devices. Even though we do not have any  long term contract it is a month to month subscription and you need to advise us prior your next payment.

Is it a separate 3G coverage? Does it share any data from my cell phone provider?

The Childtrac Kids Smart GPS Watch is a standalone solution, it has its own sim card and phone number, it is provisioned by us, based on the chosen plan, it is not sharing any data with your phone. 

Will the Childtrac solution work with any cell phone carrier?

NO, The Childtrac Kids Smart GPS watch solution uses the latest technology and uses our IoT communication protocols with certified and accredited carriers.

Where can I use my Childtrac Personal GPS tracker?

The Childtrac GPS tracking devices works anywhere where there is a  cellular network. We verify your location and provide the best carrier for you.  If you plan to use the device outside of the USA, please advise and we will provide a global plan. * Voice calls may be restricted.

Will it work effectively in a rural location? 

It all depends on the location, we always verify your location when we receive your order, and if there are cellular towers that is covered by our carriers, then it works. If not, we may recommend another GPS tracking device solution that best fit your location.

Will the CALL feature work inside buildings?

Yes, the Kids Smart GPS watch call feature works inside and outside where there is a cellular network.  

Will the device LOCATE inside a building?

NO GPS Satellite signals do not enter inside building. It can only capture lat long coordinates when the Kids Smart GPS watch device is outside. It will provide the last know detected location, based on its frequency reporting, before entering a building. Technology is just not  available yet!

Is the Childtrac 3G GPS smart watch waterproof?

Yes all our new 3G watches and G-401 devices are waterproof rating, we have other products that are waterproof.  IP67 ratings.

How accurate is the 3G GPS smart watch?

The Satellite precision is based on the product GPS antenna. Most types of GPS devices have an approximate 5-20 meters precision, and it depends on location environment, weather conditions and cellular connection strength. When not satellite can be detected it can detect via LBS (cell tower triangulation) this is less precise about 100 meters.

Sometimes I get a location report that is way off course and then comes back normal why is this?

This is a popular question! This is called Drifting. Since the GPS antenna inside the Childtrac Kids Smart GPS watch is always trying to capture satellite information, it sometimes gets a wrong or invalid data and this will trigger a false location on map.  But with constant monitoring by the GPS device, a few minutes later will correct this data and display the more accurate location.

Explanation of Drifting: 

The GPS signal comes from a network of satellites in orbit. All those satellites do is broadcast the time. Your unit then calculates your location based upon the difference between it's time and the signaled times. Satellites at a low relative altitude to your position, buildings between you and the satellites, the number of satellites overhead, and even heavy cloud cover can affect the outcome of the calculation.  READ MORE ON DRIFTING BELOW

More questions about the Childtrac Kids Smart GPS watch, the G-401 GPS tracking device or accessories, let us know, via chat or email at support@childtrac.com



This Agreement is entered into by and between (ChildTrac) (the “ Provider”) and: Below (the “ Customer”) 

1. Payment. The payment of the monthly communication service will automatically replenish each month by the payment method agreed. If the payment is decline, and the Customer does not communicate with the Provider for an alternative mean of payment, the Provider may terminate any Service upon 15 days’ written notice to the Customer. Any failure by the Customer to pay when due the payments or other charges provided by this Agreement or breach of this Agreement. If the Customer does not make repayments in a timely fashion, the Provider may cancel any Service upon 15 days’ written notice to the Customer.

2. Condition of Equipment. The Customer shall maintain the Equipment in good working order. If components of the Equipment are battery operated, the Customer will have to recharge the unit according to the Provider’s recommendations. The Customer accepts the full and entire responsibility for frequently verifying the operating condition of the Equipment.

3. Acknowledgement of Protection. The Customer is advised to follow recommendations of the Provider who shall use the Equipment so as to ensure its proper operation and prevent false alarms. The Customer acknowledges that he/she has chosen the type of communication purpose (Basic plan) and acknowledges having received the Equipment described in this Agreement.

4. Sims and Equipment: Customer must purchase SIMs from the Provider for obtaining Service on their Carrier’s data network. Customer is only authorized to use SIMs purchased under this Provider’s Service Agreement. If the sim is removed and used in another type of device, a notification will be sent to the Provider and the service will be suspended immediately. The sim provided is certified to be used only with this device. Any equipment connected to another communication service will cancel the operation of the equipment and by extension, end all the responsibilities of the Supplier. 

5. No Modification of Equipment. The Customer shall ensure that the Equipment is well maintained and allow the Equipment to adequately operate and shall advise the Provider by calling or in writing of any changes to the configuration. The Customer undertakes to not modify or replace the SIM card or any component thereof nor connect or have any other equipment connected to the equipment so as not to impede the correct operation of the Equipment. The Customer undertakes to preserve the identification plates and any other markings on any Equipment. If the Customer moves, he/she remains entirely responsible for the equipment and for his contractual commitment. The Customer is responsible for informing the Provider of his/her move by email or telephone in order for the Provider to modify the information in it’s database and supply adequate service in the new country (if applicable).

6. Product Warranty: The Equipment has a replacement warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover equipment defects resulting from (a) fire, lightning, vandalism, a flood, negligence of the Customer, Force Majeure, (b) abuse by the Customer, modifications to the Equipment which are contrary to standards or the Provider’s recommendations; (c) defects caused by paint or materials used on coatings of external surfaces of the Equipment; (d) interruption of the electrical supply to the Equipment; (e) defects resulting from alterations to the Equipment by persons not authorized by the Provider and (f) if the Customer drops the device on the floor or in the water or in another liquid.

7. Usage Charges.  Data usage charges will apply for data transmissions, text messages, alerts and any other information sent through the Carrier’s Facilities and associated with the Equipment. All exceeding minutes will be charge at:  Voice $0.35/minutes, $0.15 per text alerts. The Basic plan is ideal for the Equipment’s regular use and is ample for its communications. If a customer exceeds the plan more than 2 months in a row, we will recommend a custom-made plan based on the requirements needed.

8. Dropped Transmissions. Data transmissions may be involuntarily interrupted (“dropped”) for a variety of reasons beyond the control of Carrier.

9. Roaming: Roaming charges apply when Equipment is used outside of the geographical coverage area of the home network, by means of using a visited network. Billing of roaming charges and minutes of use or Services may be applied against included minutes or Services in a subsequent billing cycle, which may cause Customer to exceed your allocated minutes or Services in a particular billing cycle. Domestic and International roaming charges will be applied in addition to any usage plan charges. The customer is responsible to notify in writing the Supplier when leaving the country (or area) so that it obtains adequate coverage. If he does not, he will be responsible for all roaming charges. 

10. Automatic Renewal. Any Service supplied pursuant to this Agreement will be automatically renewed at its expiration on a month to month basis. The Customer can prevent the automatic renewal by delivering to the Provider a written notice at least 30 days prior to the renewal date or, if automatically renewed on a month to month basis, the end of the month on which the Customer wishes the service to terminate. However, the Customer must pay for any Service to the end of the month in which same is terminated.

11. Liability of Customer. The Customer shall be liable for any loss of or any damage to the Equipment, for any reason whatsoever including Force Majeure. The Provider shall execute its obligations hereunder with diligence and to the best of its ability, but will not be liable for any damage, whatever its cause or nature, except for deliberate acts by or gross negligence of the Provider or its representatives. Any Equipment deficiency or error as to delivery of the Equipment must be reported in writing to the Provider within 48 hours of the observation of same, failing which the Customer shall be considered to be satisfied with the Equipment, its delivery. 

12. Personal Information. The Customer confirms that the information he/she is providing to the Provider is true and complete and shall notify the Provider without delay of any change to his/her personal information. Personal information includes all data relating to the Customer in his/her application form or subsequently disclosed by him/her or third parties with his/her consent (or when authorized by law). For the purposes of monitoring, setting up, and administering his/her services (including, invoicing, collection and to provide the Customer with information on new services or equipment), the Customer agrees to the collection, use, disclosing and transferring of his/her personal information by and between Provider, its affiliates, its subsidiaries and their respective successor corporations, or any subcontractor or assignee of this Agreement. The file containing information related to the administration of the Customer’s services will be kept by Provider and will only be available to the personnel at the Provider of this Agreement and their authorized employees, who need to access the information in the administration and operation of his/her services or to inform the Customer of new equipment or services, unless otherwise authorized by law. The information related to the administration of the Customer’s services will be held in a file titled with his/her name. The Customer consents to the receipt of the Provider’s promotional materials and information concerning other services and products offered by the Provider via mail or email at the address(es) set forth in this Agreement, or as updated by the Customer from time to time.

13. Force Majeure. The Provider shall not be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder if such failure is caused by events outside its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, war, acts of terrorism or natural disasters. The Provider shall use commercially reasonable efforts to recommence performance as soon as reasonably possible.

14. General. Failure by the Provider to require the performance by the Customer of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement or to enforce a right or recourse of the Provider shall not be deemed or interpreted as a waiver or forfeiture by the Provider of such right or recourse or of its right to require the performance by the Customer of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Province of Ottawa and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein, without reference to principles of conflict of laws, and each party unconditionally and irrevocably attorns to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ottawa.

When a purchase is made at Childtracall parties acknowledge having read the general provisions above and the attached Terms and Conditions, which shall form part of the Agreement, and, accept them and the duration, and agree to be bound by same. 




Why GPS drift ?

1. GPS positioning principle

To understand this problem, first of all, we should understand the GPS positioning principle. From a mathematical point of view, it is the space known three positions, and you go to the relative distance of these three, find your location, which is three-dimensional geometry in a very simple question, it is the mathematical principles of GPS.

Correspond to the actual application, the known three position, the heavenly three satellites, since the satellite is in accordance with “Ephemeris” precision operation, so it is the position at a time we can know, which meets the mathematical principles problem solving in the first condition; the second condition is that you need to know to three satellites relative distance, the satellite launch specific radio signal, your GPS receiver signals received later than this time difference, because the radio propagation speed is known, so by this time difference can be calculated relative to the distance you satellites. Both conditions are met; your position will come out. More than just a simple description for GPS principles, practical application is much more complicated, in fact achieve the 3D positioning requires at least four satellites, the extra one is used to the timing. Friends who are interested can access relevant information to satisfy your curiosity.

2. Drift Caused Reason

Understand the principle of GPS positioning, we find that although the mathematical principle is very simple, but to achieve two known conditions through physical means, is a very complicated matter. First, the satellite in the sky, who can not guarantee that it is in their own orbit without any little mistake, there will always be more or less deviation. Secondly, your GPS receiver can not install a cesium atomic clock, the propagation velocity of radio waves is about 300,000 kilometers per second, a simple calculation if the time error of .00001 seconds, you will find that how much the distance difference is? Even if there is no time error, the propagation of radio waves in the air is affected by many factors, such as weather. The impact of the above is not the most important issue, more important reason is how much satellite signals influence you can receive. GPS signals are very weak and the receiver is so small a ceramic antenna, you expect to have any good effect? So if there’s something blocking it, you will not receive the signal, even if you received a eight or ten strong satellite signal, will it be very accurate yet? Definitely, if you happen to catch the ten satellites are tied into a bunch of meetings, or arranged in a neat team came home from school, you miserable.

The position of the satellite is also a very important factor for positioning accurate. Good condition is a strong signal of the satellite equilateral triangle state distribution in the three sky corner, the relative distance is as large as possible, is not in approximate a straight line, this is the mathematical principles GPS decision. The above-mentioned, also only uncontrollable technical error, a “disaster” category, since ancient times, “Act of God” is never inseparable from the “man-made”, when the level of technological development has been enough of these errors are reduced low, you will find another very embarrassing question is: somebody simply do not want you to get such a high accuracy. As you know, civilian and military GPS receiver frequency is not the same, there are scrambling civilian, is dedicated to give you trouble with!

Too many factors influence the positioning accuracy of GPS, it leads calculating per second coordinate position are different when you stand stationary. When these points together into line, you see no longer smooth running track, but the mess people are very worried, which is drift that we usually discussed