Childtrac - 3G GPS Tracker + pouch

Childtrac - 3G GPS Tracker + pouch

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Our GPS tracking device is a small and powerful unit that provides two-way communication, G-Sensor for fall alerts and a GPS location for real-time management via the web portal. Our solution provides you visibility you need to protect your loved ones at any time.

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Innovative features of the Childtrac - 3g GPS tracking device

  • 3G, GSM/GPRS;
  • Waterproof;
  • Ruggedized IP67;
  • Real-time data from the device;
  • Historical reports for analysis;
  • SOS button with 2 way voice communication;
  • View the location and alerts from your pc, tablet or smartphone;
  • Fall Detection;
  • Small and lightweight device that can be worn at the neck with detachable lanyard, or at the waist with discreet exclusive neoprene pouch.

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