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3G Childtrac gps watch

How it works

New APP Overview

Here's an overview video of the APP features and menu. This app is used for the new waterproof kids watch. 

Overview of the New watch menu

An introduction of the new watch menu.  

Clip on Charger

Instruction on how to charge your new childtrac kids watch. 

(for CHI001 and CHI002)

Bracelet Removal

For different reasons, your child cannot wear the Kids Smart GPS watch on his/her wrist, the bracelet can be removed so it can be worn in a small pouch. (* Depending on watch models this video present the WeWatch model)

Check out  the accessories section for our exclusive pouches made just for this purpose.

Our Childtrac Laxpro Mobile app Introduction

Our Childtrac solution for G-401 and Vehicle GPS devices works with LaXpro private APP for a secure mobile overview of the location, history and receive notifications anytime.

Available app for iOS and Android.

Secur-Kit instructions

This video explains how to use the Secur-Kit solution. It shows you how to attach to clothing and remove at the end of the day. 

If you require more information please do not hesitate to let us know.

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