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3G GPS Trackers: child safety comes first!

Do you know that in the US and in a number of European countries, the safety of children is declared and strictly protected by the Constitution and a lot of local laws? Parents should devote maximum efforts and resources to ensure the well-being of their children, being even a distance from them. That's why it is important to purchase GPS tracking systems - special devices that allow you to track the child's movements and, if necessary, quickly come to his aid.

The main features of 3G GPS tracking device for kids

  • SOS button

    If your child is in trouble, he can instantly press the SOS button and it will automatically create a call and communicate directly to the designed person.

  • 2 Way calling and speaking

    Your child can speak to you live at any time and you can call him directly on his weWatch Kids from your mobile or home phone. Sometimes, seconds matter!

  • Listen in function

    You can discreetly monitor your child without disturbing him with a call to check on the environment of your child.

  • Call the tracker from PC

    Call your child any time right from your personal Childtrac portal from your PC from anywhere.

  • Virtual Boundaries / Geofence

    Create multiple virtual boundaries around school or house, to know when exactly when your child enters or leaves a specific area.

  • Multiple trackers on one map

    Our Childtrac portal can view multiple weWatch Kids on the same map, great for group outings or school special access supervision.

  • Wide Cellular Coverage

    Our weWatch Kids works national wide throughout Canada and the US

  • History

    You can get up to 30 days of location and alert history reporting and you can export it to excel or CSV.

  • Constant live monitoring

    Your weWatch Kids™ reports its location to the portal regularly for constant monitoring of events giving you peace of mind.

  • Fully responsive

    Web application licence available for PC, Android and IOS mobile or tablet for receiving alerts, viewing and managing your tracker.

  • Multiple users

    You can create multiple trusted users access to the portal to let other caregivers view your child’s location and alerts.

  • No long-term contracts

    Our terms are month to month basis, you can suspend or cancel at any time.

Why should you buy tracking devices for kids? Do you really need GPS trackers?

Firstly, these devices ensure the safety of the baby. They provide an alarm button thanks to which mom and dad can easily be notified of the danger. The clock is connected to the map and the GPS function indicates the exact coordinates of the child's location. In case of emergency, parents can quickly find their child and come to the rescue. This is especially true in the days when thousands of crimes, including sexual ones, are committed against children. And it is the kid's smart watch tracker that will allow you to track the child's path and, if necessary, quickly contact him to adjust his route, or clarify his state of health.

Secondly, monitoring of the movement of boys and girls out-of-doors with the help of child GPS is extremely important for parents. After all, there are places where children can play and have fun, and there are some forbidden zones. For example, parents take their little one to an entertainment center. He must be in the playroom while mom and dad are shopping. If the child leaves the playroom, the tracker will notify adults about it. Or, let's say, it will be a nature trip. It is also important to monitor the child's location by the sea, or near a reservoir. We need the children not to run away from our location and to be always in sight. And if they are suddenly gone, they can be easily found using GPS locator watch.

The relationships between peers and teachers within the school are a pressing problem. Only in the US, there are regular conflicts, including armed conflicts, which are committed on the grounds of lack of mutual understanding and tolerance. When using the "callback" feature on GPS smartwatch, parents will be able to hear in real time how their child communicates with the teacher and with friends, whether he has enemies who threaten him or pose a danger. In this case, the child tracker watch cannot be used as a smartphone. The device will not allow chatting or talking to friends in class, there are no games and entertainments in it, and therefore, it is allowed to use by children of different age.

Finally, however regrettable it may sound, more and more children all over the world suffer from various mental and nervous disorders. Autism, Fregoli syndrome, depersonalization, Asperger syndrome and many other diseases lead to the fact that the kid loses the sense of reality, he begins to experience anxiety or apathy, and he can go miles away without feeling tired. To help him, you need to carefully monitor him and be sure to use the kid's smart watch in order to be aware of all his movements.

3G GPS child tracking device functions:

  • - Equipped with an alarm button;
  • - Two-way communication function;
  • - Possibility to order a "callback" for listening to the child and the people surrounding him;
  • - Possibility to contact the baby by calling from any PC, tablet, or smartphone;
  • - Function of geolocation with the creation of virtual boundaries, on the intersection of which the child's parents will be notified by an alarm signal;
  • - Several users (moms, dads, grandmothers, sisters) and trackers (for two or more children) can be connected to a single software or application;
  • - All motion history can be saved to the PC.

With child 3G GPS tracking bracelet or watch you will be able to provide full monitoring and strict control over the movements of your child. Such an accessory is a manifestation of concern for the child's safety and well-being.

Smart GPS tracking device for kids and seniors